$8 million worth Hollywood Actress called Kobe Bryant a ‘r*pist’ on the day of his death’, Vanessa Bryant slammed right back

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Kobe Bryant dealt with a lot during his career. This also included some slightly insensitive comments from an American actress which his wife Vanessa Bryant came to defend after his death.  Kobe’s legacy was built up by everything he achieved in his career, his five rings, Finals MVPs, scoring titles, and more, but a major part of his also the fact that he spent his entire career with the Lakers.

In an era defined by player autonomy and the right to take your brand anywhere, Kobe chose to stay put. He stayed put even when the Lakers were rebuilding and had no superstars to surround him with when he easily could have been playing along a superstar or two had he wanted.  He made the Lakers must see TV even when they weren’t. 20 seasons. That’s how long Kobe was a Laker. Countless memories were made. Everything from pure elation to absolute heartbreak included. That’s who Kobe was for LA.

Kobe Bryant was called a r*pist by by Hollywood actress

After Kobe Bryant’s death, Vanessa Bryant found a Tweet by Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood who had some harsh words for the Lakers legend on the day of his death.  Wood was likely speaking to Kobe Bryant’s sexual harassment case in 2003. Bryant admitted that he was cheating on Vanessa and that he had physical relations with a 19-year old.

Kobe said that everything that had happened was was consensual, but the victim denied the claims as there were bruises on her neck and blood on her shirt from the alleged night.  Bryant was arrested, but the charges were dropped after the victim refused to testify. The case was eventually settled for an undisclosed amount.

Wood commented on Bryant’s death, bringing up how she was very sorry for him and his family, but the fact that Kobe had a sexual harassment case against him wasn’t something to be ignored.  “What has happened is tragic. I am heartbroken for Kobe’s family. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist,” the $8 million net worth actress wrote, stating that all truths are able to exist simultaneously.

Vanessa fired back right away.

“This just came to my attention,” Vanessa said in her Instagram story. “An accusation doesn’t make someone guilty. YOU DON’T KNOW THE FACTS OF THE CASE”.

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