Anthony Joshua threatens to ‘dash’ heavyweight world titles if he wins them back by beating Oleksandr Usyk in rematch and demands more respect

aj and olesk


Many felt AJ was too passive in the first fight and failed to use his natural advantages such as size and strength to overcome Usyk.  In conversation with JD Sports, Joshua was told his fans will be hoping to see more of the AJ people feared in the past, to which he replied: “But I feel like I never got that respect.  “Let’s keep it 100, let me be real with you.”

When asked whether he thought people used to assume he would always KO his opponents, Joshua answered: “Nah, that’s wrong.  “When I came into this division, it was whack.  “I thought, ‘Alright, you know what? I’m gonna come in this game and take on everyone and anyone.’   “It doesn’t matter who, I can only beat what’s in front of me, but I’ve gotta make sure that they’re top.

“Maybe it’s because I’m British that none of these lot are respecting my thing.  “I said, ‘Alright, you know what? I’m gonna bring the heavyweight division to Great Britain, I’mma show people we are solid.’  “Because I think people think we drink tea and eat biscuits and sit with the Queen.  “I feel like I’m not getting looked at as someone who is a dominant heavyweight in the division.

“This big Anthony Joshua goes and wins, becomes three-time, I’mma dash these belts.  “Because you’ve gotta learn to respect me as a person. Quote that.  “I’m tired, I don’t want to be respected because of the belts I hold.  “I wanna be respected because of the man you see.”

Joshua will have that chance to gain some of that respect back in the ring next month.  The former Olympic champion will want to extend that 24-2 record against a fellow Olympian and prove to the world he is still one of the best.


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