Ayesha Curry: Stephen Curry’s secret weapon in the NBA Finals

steph celebrates


Stephen Curry was at his absolute best as he led the Golden State Warriors to yet another NBA championship, cementing their status as a dynasty, yet there has been a quiet, unassuming secret weapon behind Curry’s return to the top.

After a difficult two-year period where injuries have totally derailed the Warriors, Curry himself found it difficult to lead a team that lacked any real stars around him.  Yet, as soon as Klay Thompson made a long-term return from injury, the Warriors and Curry were back in business.

This, coupled with Draymond Green’s return to being the physical nuisance that we know him to be, propelled the Warriors into contention, which looked incredibly unlikely a year ago.

Curry also had to battle injury

Curry met his wife, Ayesha, when the pair were teenagers in a church youth group in North Carolina, the pair have since created a life together in which Ayesha has starred as an actress, cook, cookbook author and television star.

Curry missed three months with a broken hand, which left him off the court completely, and it is understood that his wife gave him strength during that particularly dark moment in his career.

Curry recognised his Ayesha’s contribution

After game 5 in the NBA finals, Curry publicly recognised his wife’s contribution to his success, wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘Ayesha Curry Can Cook’.

It was a response to a sign which said the opposite outside a bar in Boston, with Celtics fans trying to rile up the three-point specialist.

After the final buzzer in game six, Ayesha made her way down to the court to celebrate with her husband, and the pair shared an emotional embrace in the middle of the court


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