Chris Hemsworth Still ‘Jealous’ Of Wife Chris Hemsworth’s Relationship With Ex?

chris hemsworth and wife


Elsa Pataky dated a few other celebrities before marrying Chris Hemsworth, and one report says that her most famous ex still has him worried. A source even argues that Hemsworth just spent millions trying to win his wife over for good. Here’s what’s going on.
Chris Hemsworth’s Jealous Streak

According to New Idea a few weeks ago, the real reason Chris Hemsworth built a nearly 10,000 square foot mansion in Byron Bay wasn’t just because he and his family needed the space. Instead, it was apparently from an deep sense of worry over his wife’s ex-boyfriend Adrien Brody. A source tells the magazine that the reason he went all out was “jealousy,” pure and simple. “Chris would never admit it, but it’s always bothered him that Elsa’s ex bought her a castle and he looked for ways to one-up that for so long,” the insider explains.

For context, Pataky and Brody dated for a few years in the late 2000s, and Brody gave his then-girlfriend a 19th-century castle in upstate New York in 2007. It looks as though the grand gesture, as well as the relationship Pataky and Brody shared, has haunted Hemsworth ever since he and Pataky got together in 2010, a year after her breakup with Adrien Brody. “It seems the only solution was to build Elsa something even better,” the source concludes, “and thus the idea for Chris’ Byron Bay mansion he built for her was born.”

The Hemsworth Estate Is Impressive

Well, there are two major questions we have about this story. One, are we really supposed to believe that Chris Hemsworth has spent over a decade stewing over a gift his wife got from an ex? And despite being one of the biggest stars in the world after becoming Thor and starring in The Avengers all the way back in 2012, he waited until just now to try to match the gesture? That’s absolutely impossible to believe.

The second question we have is about what this tabloid considers a gift. Adrien Brody did buy the rundown castle, yes, but he then spent years restoring it as a personal endeavor. In 2015, he premiered a documentary about the grueling process and credited the castle and its renovation-centric problems with saving his life. From Brody’s point of view, he only bought it after struggling with the idea of finding a place to call home. “I found it online, and I kept it under wraps,” he told Indiewire. “I didn’t even visit it, then, but I knew that was the place I was gonna get. I went home and I bought it. And then in realizing what an enormous task it was gonna be, I said, ‘I gotta document this, because it’s fascinating. I’ll see where this journey is gonna lead.’”

So even if Chris Hemsworth was as petty and jealous as New Idea says he is, there’s literally nothing for him to get upset about. We’re not surprised that the tabloid based this story on falsehoods. After all, it’s responsible for the shocking rumor about Hemsworth and Pataky’s marriage failing just a few months ago. Heck, it even won our Best Chris Hemsworth Story of 2020 when it said he was losing his marbles over Elsa Pataky saying that relationships took work. Chris Hemsworth and his wife built a massive home because they’re extremely wealthy A-list celebrities that can do things like that, plain and simple.


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