Deal ‘You’ll need that $1m for dental work’ – Tyson Fury and Jake Paul agree bet on YouTuber’s fight with Tommy Fury


Tyson Fury appears to have finally come to terms with Jake Paul on the stakes for their bet on the fight between ‘The Problem Child’ and Tommy Fury.

Paul, who takes on Tyson’s brother at Madison Square Garden on August 6, initially proposed a $2million bet on the fight after the WBC heavyweight champion claimed he was willing to back his sibling to the tune of $100,000.  After some back-and-forth, both men agreed to bet $1 million on the fight, although the internet celebrity claimed that was ‘chump change’ for Fury and didn’t necessarily show confidence in his baby brother.

“For the heavyweight champion of the world, $1 million, that’s all you wanna bet? If you wanna go with some chump change like that, no problem,” Paul said.  “I’m already in contact with your lawyer Robert and my team is in touch with him so we are gonna get the money into escrow and make it happen right away.”

A few hours later, ‘The Gypsy King’ posted to social media to mock Paul after accepting the bet and claim that the 25-year-old will need to drop some serious money to reconstruct his face after Tommy is done with him.  “What you can do Jakey boy is spend it on your new teeth. You’ll need that million dollars for dental work once Tommy’s done with you, you little sucker! Put that million dollars in escrow, b****. Let’s go,” Fury said.

Tommy has trained alongside Tyson since he was just starting out in the boxing world

Jake Paul has also been making waves in the boxing world with his brother Logan

Jake and Tommy were due to fight in December last year, but the Love Island star pulled out through injury, and Paul began to brutally taunt the Fury family online, and he’s yet to stop. Paul kept his December date intact when he fought former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in a rematch.

The undefeated boxer stretched his perfect record to 5-0 and ended his rivalry with ‘The Chosen One’ with a sensational one-punch knockout in round six. After his recovery was complete, Tommy finally returned to action on April 23 as he appeared on his brother Tyson’s undercard at Wembley Stadium. He floored his opponent Daniel Bocianski and outpointed him to move to 8-0 as a pro fighter, before successfully calling for a fight with Paul which will finally take place later this summer.


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