Gisele Bündchen reportedly doesn’t want to be Tom Brady’s ‘football widow’ anymore

TOM BRADY and wife


The term ‘football widow’ is used for NFL players’ wives who are abandoned throughout the entire season by their respective husbands. Gisele Bündchen knew what she was getting herself into when she agreed to marry Tom Brady. Any athlete and their significant other tends to go through a similar process at the highest level.

They know that if they want to be considered amongst the best in their sport, they needs to make certain sacrifices that include missing many goo moments with their families. For the last 13 years, Gisele Bündchen has taken the back seat to watch her husband become one of the greatest athletes in human history. The greatest quarterback who ever lived, but enough is enough for Bündchen.

Source spills the beans even more about Tom and Gisele

In a recent interview with People, a source close to the couple already revealed Tom might be playing his last season in the NFL. But this source had a lot more to say: “Gisele is a very ‘pros vs cons’ person, and she sees very few pros to him playing anymore. She’s told him that he’s the GOAT, and he has absolutely nothing left to prove. He could be going out on top, and playing until the wheels fall off doesn’t seem to be the way to go out on top. He knew 100% that he needed to get some s— together

“It was also symbolic, his way of showing that his family is as important to him as football is. Tom is a workaholic and Gisele is tired of being a football widow. When Tom is playing, he’s obsessed with football. He is either practicing, or meeting with someone, or talking to a teammate. He is obsessed, and football is 24/7. Even if he’s with you, he’s not with you, unless he’s talking to you about football.”

Tom is already hinting at retirement himself

During a recent podcast for Bleacher Report, Tom Brady himself already hinted at another retirement by the end of the current season. He wanted to get a crack at probably winning another Super Bowl ring but this rift with his wife made him re-evaluate things again.


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