Khloé Kardashian Opened Up About “Dreading” Backlash After She Does Interviews These Days

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After years in the spotlight/constantly being hit with criticism from trolls, Khloé Kardashian is, very understandably, weary about any situation that gives said trolls potential ammunition. This includes interviews, which have become a major source of anxiety for Khloé. In her Hot Ones appearance this week, Khloé candidly discussed how her interview anxiety has grown over time. At the beginning of her career as a famous human, she said she actually liked doing press.

“I used to really enjoy doing interviews, and I would think it’s fun,” Khloé explained. “Someone might ask you questions you’re never asked before, and that’s exciting.” And now? She said she still enjoys the actual in-the-moment part of doing interviews, but thinking about what could happen after the chat is finished stresses her out a LOT.

“I’m always more dreading—not the interview, I enjoy doing the interviews. It’s the aftermath of what’s gonna come, who’s gonna chop this up and make this into something that it wasn’t supposed to be,” she explained, before adding that those fears have fundamentally changed how she approaches the whole process. “It makes it so thought out and premeditated, and to me—I don’t like to overthink things too much. I just wanna have a natural flow and enjoy the conversation.”

This isn’t the first time Khloé has been incredibly honest about her anxiety struggles. In an episode of The Kardashians that aired earlier this year, she opened up about her anxiety over appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden and how unhelpful the advice to just ignore the onslaught of hate that can follow an interview is in practice.

“It’s so easy for people to say, ‘If you don’t know them, don’t pay attention,’ but when you’re walking down the street and even paparazzi is heckling at you the same things you’re trying to avoid, it’s so deteriorating on your self-esteem, your confidence, the way that you view yourself,” she explained in the episode.


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