Lamar Odom reveals Kobe Bryant talks to him in his dreams: What does he say?


Lamar Odom has had a rought life after the NBA, he had Kobe Bryant to always give him advice and lost one of his best friends when Kobe passed away in 2020. Since then, Odom has always loved returning to Los Angeles and feel Bryant’s presence. This week, a camera from the folks at TMZ got him arriving at LAX Airport and asked him about Kobe.

Odom wen’t on to talk about how the late great star talks to him in dreams. We will not mock this statement because we need to remain respectful of people’s beliefs, Kobe meant so much to a lot of people. If having these dreams keeps Lamar Odom away from any further harm, then we choose to believe Kobe Bryant truly is talking to him in his dreams.

Lamar Odom’s mental health struggles.

A life of excess took Lamar Odom through a dark path, he was part of Kobe Bryant’s Lakers team during the dark times and then through his revival in the NBA. But he too was subject to this life and paid for it nearly with his life. Odom got a cocaine overdose that got him in a coma, Kobe Bryant was one of the first people to reach out to him after waking up.

Odom suffered 12 brain hemorrages and 6 heart attacks during the days he was in that coma, but somehow, he cheated death. Since then, he’s done his best in order to remain away from that life of excess and Kobe Bryant was always there to offer him the best possible advice. With his friend gone, Odom does what he can in order to remain alive.

Lamar Odom was just getting to Los Angeles from an undisclosed place, when the folks from TMZ approached him. They obviously asked him about his late friend and Lamar surprised us with his response: “He comes to me in my dreams. He’s just talking to me all the time. Hang in there. Keep fighting.’ A lot of s***.

“His spirit, it’s so strong. To me, he’s like not too far away. Especially when you’re dreaming of someone, and they talk to you in that dream, you’re definitely going to remember it. It’s crazy. That’s why I love coming back to L.A., too. I feel him.”


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