LeBron James card sells for $2.4 million at auction

LeBron James.jpg1


The 2020/21 LeBron James Flawless Triple Logoman Panini sticker sold at an auction at the Goldin collectibles market for $2.4 million on Saturday.

NBA fan Drake had previously spent $200,000 to find this specific card, with Logoman stickers being considered as some of the most sought-after modern cards nowadays.

“Typically, it’s the older vintage cards that are very valuable,” Ken Goldin, founder and executive chairman of Goldin, told The Associated Press.

“But there’s really never been a card this popular before it was even pulled from a pack.”  Back in July 2020, one of LeBron’s cards broke the then-record for a basketball card. It sold for $1,845,000, with James joking that he had “a couple of those exact ones too”


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