Lewis Hamilton Revealed Good Friend Serena Williams’ Mad Obsession With Cars

serena and lewis


Serena Williams is undoubtedly one of the best tennis players of all time. Having earned many laurels in the game, she is an inspiration for generations to come. Apart from tennis, Serena has a strengthened her business game as well; the 40-year-old has a keen interest in budding tech startups and sports teams.

Serena is a huge admirer of Formula one legend, Lewis Hamilton. The two share a good relationship. Also, they joined hands to bid for ownership of Chelsea FC.

When Hamilton was impressed with Williams

Back in 2016, Hamilton shared how Serena showed keen interest in cars and formula one.“She’s really interested in cars now and she has asked me a lot of questions about how it feels and all the technical things about Formula One,” He said.

Also, he hailed Serena as the greatest athlete of the generation.  “Growing up watching her career, I’m absolutely inspired by her and still today by her drive. She’s the greatest athlete of our generation. I’m absolutely mesmerized by what she has achieved and definitely inspired by her as an athlete and as a human being – so I’m trying to learn from her,” he concluded.

Both Serena and Hamilton are legends of their respective games. It is lovely to see the mutual admiration they have.

Serena Williams up for US Open challenge

After a not-so-good comeback in Wimbledon Championships 2022, Serena has her eyes set on the US Open title. While the 40-year-old went almost unprepared in the Wimbledon Championship, she will not repeat the same mistake.  The former world number 1 has signed up for two tournaments going into the US Open. She will play In the National Bank Open in Toronto, followed by The Cincinnati Masters in the US.

Notably, the 40-year-old has not won a Slam title since the 2017 Australian Open. With 23 Major titles to her name, she sits second only behind Margaret Court (24) in the list of most Grand Slam titles.


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