Masvidal threatens to send Conor McGregor into early retirement



UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal has set his sights set on a fight against Conor McGregor and the American thinks that he can end the career of his potential opponent. Masvidal’s previous fight was a defeat to arch-rival Colby Covington and, as a result, he is targeting the recently injured McGregor as his way to get back on track.  McGregor is recovering from a broken leg and he lost three out of four UFC fights before the injury.

He is carefully choosing who he fights for his comeback and what discipline it will be in. Many feel it will be a UFC fight.  Speaking to The Sun, Masvidal was very clear about how he thinks he can end the UFC career of the Irishman if they have a fight.

“He’s not going to be able to say he took me down and held me down, he’s going to say, this guy kneed me in the ribs, elbowed me in the eye socket and then knocked me the f**k out,” Masvidal said.  “It’s not going to look good for his brand.

“I don’t even see him taking the fight with me, to tell the truth. But much less, if he takes the fight with me, I don’t think he’s fighting after that.”  Masvidal also did not shy away from the fact that he will earn more money from a fight against McGregor than other potential opponents.

“I think as far as my bank account goes, I’d get to make a lot of money beating this midget, so why not?” he said.  “Then, after that, there are many other fights to just get right to it and fight the world’s best, like Gilbert Burns, whoever has the belt. “There’s a couple of guys on the personal side that I’ve just got to get them.  “No matter what, we’re going to get back in there and scrap it out again.”


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