NFL fans speculate whether or not Brittany Mahomes got a lip job

mahommes and brittaney

Brittany Mahomes and her husband Patrick find themselves in the limelight a lot due to the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s superstardom in the NFL. Whether during the regular season or the offseason, when a player is the face of the biggest sports league in the US, scrutiny follows.

In the latest social media-driven under-the-microscope scrutiny, an online picture of the pair caused some fans to ask questions.

The couple appeared to have recently attended a Dallas Mavericks playoff game, which makes sense since they are both from East Texas, only a few miles from Dallas. The photo in question left some wondering if Brittany Mahomes has recently had work done.

Not that it matters, this Twitter user believes that Brittany Mahomes has had a lip job. Whether that is the case or if it is an optical illusion, only time will tell. But getting constant chatter on the social media about your looks is one of the unwanted effects of celebrityhood.

This is the playoff basketball season after all:

Others felt that the criticism was a bit harsh:


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