Patrick Mahomes among five most influential people in NFL, says NBC columnist

patrick mahomes alone


In his four seasons as a starter, quarterback Patrick Mahomes has not only put his stamp on the Kansas City Chiefs, but the entire NFL. The Chiefs have a 50-13 regular-season record with Mahomes starting, and they have played in the AFC Championship Game each year he’s been the starter. He’s been an NFL MVP and helped the Chiefs wins Super Bowl LIV. During the offseason, stories about Mahomes can be found in national magazines such as People and Us Weekly, and TV viewers frequently see his commercials for State Farm, Head & Shoulders and other companies. Mahomes’ charity has been involved with multiple non-profits in Kansas City, and he’s also part of a group that will eventually own 11 Whataburger restaurants in KC. So perhaps its no surprise that Mahomes was ranked near the top of NBC Sports columnist Peter King’s list of the 22 most influential people in the NFL.

King wrote in his Football Morning In America column that he “tried to mix the business of the sport with the sport of the sport.” No surprise, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is No. 1, followed by Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson and his monumental contract and off-field issues. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is No. 3, and Mahomes is ranked fourth. This is part of what King wrote about Mahomes: “Surprised he’s this high, on a franchise that could have a different look without Tyreek Hill this year? Don’t be. Mahomes, in many ways, is the face of the NFL, the cool guy and electric player. My proof: Who did Amazon want for its historic debut game? Mahomes and Kansas City. What’s the Sunday night gem of the first month of NBC’s season? Mahomes at Tom Brady in Week 4. Starting in Week 1, 11 of KC’s first 13 games will be nationally televised: three on Sunday night, one on Thursday night, one on Monday night, and in late-window Sunday doubleheader games, four on CBS and two on Fox.” It’s possible NFL fans will see even more of Mahomes after that stretch, as the flex scheduling option begins in Week 11.


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