Patrick Mahomes appreciates Bill Belichick for helping to improve his game

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is sitting on top of the world these days, and admittedly, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick might have played a very small part in it.

Well, at least in Mahomes’ preparation habits.

According to the reigning Super Bowl champion, one fateful meeting with Belichick and the Patriots defense changed the way he handled the blitz protection game plan.

“I played the Patriots in New England my first year, and they were doing like this weird, we call it like the 40 up front, where they don’t really have a true nose guard. They kind of have double splits. They have linebackers kind of playing like D linemen and some of that stuff,” Mahomes said, when appearing on New Heights. “I remember being back there like, ‘I have no idea what to do to get these five guys blocked.’

“And then ever since then, I mean thanks coach Belichick, because ever since then, dude, if the blitz protection plan isn’t perfect and I don’t feel perfect going into the game with it, I don’t feel prepared.”
Leave it to Belichick to coach up future Hall of Famers from the opposing sidelines without even trying.

He’s a mastermind when it comes to creating a new wrinkle on a weekly basis to confuse quarterbacks. Mahomes has been the victim of that game-planning on more than just one occasion, including an AFC Championship game back in 2019.

With the Patriots set to play the Chiefs again at home in 2023, we’ll see which one of the two legends will provide the next teaching moment.

Patrick Mahomes


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