Patrick Mahomes’ contract looks like a steal once again

patrick mahomes alone1


Patrick Mahomes’ 10-year $450 million extension in 2020 made him the highest-paid football player in history. His total contractual value remains the greatest in the league today. The Kansas City Chiefs (-4.5) redefined the quarterback market with their behemoth offer to Mahomes, and the Broncos’ new deal with Wilson is just the most recent domino to fall in the pattern of high-dollar contracts that followed. Unfortunately for Denver, their deal with Wilson, and the immediate successes and/or failures they have, will be directly compared to that of the Chiefs as AFC West rivals.

While Wilson’s deal is worth roughly $4 million more per year than Mahomes’, what makes the Mahomes contract look like a steal in comparison is his recent success. The Chiefs were in a position of luxury in the sense that they were able to set the bar for a total value of a generationally talented quarterback in today’s game, and since they’ve offered Patrick Mahomes his deal, they have enjoyed persistent winning.


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