Patrick Mahomes’ family is facing difficult times but mother Randi still gets recognized for her charity work in the midst

Patrick Mahomes' family

Jackson Mahomes under police investigation while mother Randi wins recognition for charitable work

Patrick Mahomes, the two-time AP MVP, has set the bar high and led his team to become world champions. However, his charitable work and dedication to his community are just as impressive as his success on the field. Recently, his mother, Randi Mahomes, has been recognized for her efforts to make a difference in people’s lives.

Despite facing some difficult times, the Mahomes family continues to give back to their community. Randi Mahomes has been actively involved with the Variety KC Children’s Charity and has raised funds for the cause. The charity took to Instagram Stories to thank her for her contributions, stating, “Thank You [Randi Mahomes] for investing in KC!”
Randi’s dedication to charitable work comes amid the family’s struggles. Her mother is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital, but this hasn’t stopped her from continuing to make a difference. Randi has raised funds for athletic wheelchairs, communication devices, and other essential items to help those in need.

In recognition of her contributions, Randi was awarded the 2021 International Variety Presidential Citation Award. Despite facing personal struggles, Randi continues to put others first and make a positive impact in her community.

Jackson Mahomes faces police investigation while mother Randi earns recognition
However, the Mahomes family has also faced legal troubles recently. Patrick’s brother, Jackson Mahomes, was involved in a controversial incident where he allegedly kissed a restaurant owner and assaulted a waitress in an Overland Park diner. The incident has resulted in a police investigation, but there have been no updates on the situation since then.

While the Mahomes family has faced challenges both on and off the field, their dedication to making a difference in their community remains unwavering. Patrick and his mother, Randi, have shown that even during difficult times, it’s essential to give back and help those in need.


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