Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews Takes to Twitter to Spread a Message You Must Hear

mahommes and wife

The Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and his wife, Brittany Matthews, often spend time interacting with their fans and help out in the best possible way they can. Matthews recently made a special appeal to all her followers online. This time it was for all the teachers worldwide who are constantly trying to impart a great learning experience.

Taking to Twitter, the fitness enthusiast asked her followers to click on one of the wishlists prepared by several teachers online and help them develop a smart classroom for the upcoming academic year. Matthews first made the announcement through an Instagram story and asked all the teachers to tag her with their wishlists.

“I encourage you to just click on one of these wish lists and help these teachers out, they deserve it (with two heart emojis),” she wrote on Twitter. This message took no time to spread like a wildfire, and wishlists started pouring in. It was a kind gesture from her to help needy teachers reach their voices to a larger audience. Meanwhile, being a soccer player herself, Matthews, along with her quarterback husband, vowed to build a new stadium.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mathews make a historic investment in Kansas City

It seems the Chiefs quarterback is finding new ways to win hearts. This time Brittany Matthews, alongside Patrick Mahomes, pledged to invest $70 million in building a new soccer stadium dedicated to women’s sports on the city’s riverfront.

Brittany Matthews is a co-owner of the KC NWSL pro women’s soccer team. To promote the game and end gender disparities in sports, the NFL power couple announced this initiative. As per the reports, this stadium is signed for a 50-year lease in a 7+ acre plot at the east end of the riverfront.

mahommes family

Moreover, this massive investment has proved to be a monumental step in creating history. None of the stadiums have been declared solely for a women’s pro-team. So this will be the first-ever stadium dedicated for the purpose, and Matthews deserves the entire credit for it. Certainly, Patrick Mahomes has proven as a true quarterback representing the city.


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