Real Identity Of Aaron Rodgers’ New Girlfriend Revealed; Who Is Shailene Woodley’s Replacement?

aaron rodgers alone

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers found himself in a more stable zone in recent months, after enduring a whirlwind of changes. The resolution of his NFL future with the Packers organization and some reports of the entry of a mystery woman has led to clarity. While the details about their relationship appear minimal, the reports surrounding his new love interest came out recently.

The reigning league MVP recently ended a year-long relationship with Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley this year in April. However, Rodgers seems to have moved on from the break-up and has found love with his rumored girlfriend, Charlotte Brereton, aka Blu. The news was shocking for NFL fans, considering how swiftly the Packers’ QB moved on from Woodley.

According to some media outlets, Blu was reportedly describing herself as a witch and a medicine woman. However, recently Brereton has denied some of the rumors surrounding her on social media. Interestingly, she has neither confirmed nor denied rumors about her and Rodgers’ alleged relationship.

What does Aaron Rodgers’ new girlfriend do for a living?

On her official Instagram page, Blu refers to herself as an artist who leads a spiritual lifestyle. The social media page is a window into the mind of Blu and her amazing personality. She is also passionate about following yoga, deep thinking, body painting, the environment, and acoustic guitars

Another interesting dimension is that both Rodgers and Blu follow each other on social media, further fueling the relationship rumors. Blu and her split from her former boyfriend recently suggesting a budding association between the pair. While the speculation about Rodgers and his personal life continues, his focus shifts to work ahead in the upcoming season. The Packers QB will be hunting for another Super Bowl ring after back-to-back MVP campaigns. Despite losing some key players, his confidence seems to be unwavering for the franchise for another successful season in 2022.


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