Reason Behind Patrick Mahomes’ Parents, MLB Pitcher Pat Mahomes Sr And Randi Mahomes Get a Divorce

mahomes PARENT

In just four years, Patrick Mahomes has rapidly elevated into one of the top quarterbacks in the league. To compete at his level is no easy feat. What enthusiasts don’t see is how much hard graft he puts into it and how strong his safety net, i.e., parents, has been. However, his parents do not live together as they are divorced.

Patrick Mahomes’ family has a well-versed athletic background. His father is an ex-MLB pitcher. Mahomes’ mother, on the other hand, is a dedicated homemaker and an event planner. She has been beside her son in every situation.

Pat Mahomes Sr. and Randi Martin Mahomes tied the knot in the late 1990s and were active in their children’s upbringing. But the couple got split in the year 2006. Patrick was only 11 years old. Despite their divorce, Randi and Pat appear to be living a happy life around each other. The reason for this is still uncertain, and neither of them has spoken about it.

But it all worked out when Pat and Randi rekindled their connection after their separation. Despite the split, Randi still addresses herself as Mahomes. She has two kids, Patrick and Jackson. Moreover, reports say that she was in a relationship several years after her divorce from Pat and has given birth to a girl, Mia.

As of this writing, Mama Mahomes is still single and isn’t in a hurry to tie the knot again. Pat and Randi attend regular events with Patrick Jr. They even share a suite during the Kansas City Chiefs’ game. Even today, they refer to each other as “best friends.”

Patrick Mahomes’ father once told him to drop pro football

An Arrowhead fan would call Patrick Mahomes a blessing for the Chiefs. Getting into the playoffs and winning a Super Bowl in the first four years is a challenge not everyone can achieve. But how would it be to imagine the Chiefs without Patrick Mahomes? This situation took place after his mediocre high school experience.

In an episode of WHOOP Podcast, Mahomes reveals how his father told him to quit football. He mentions, “I went on a sophomore day at the University of Texas and they sent me over to play safety. I knew I wasn’t going to be a safety or anything like that. On the road back home my dad said, ‘You should just focus on baseball and basketball because that’s the way you’re going to go.’” Luckily, Patrick didn’t listen. And the Chiefs got their friendly neighborhood quarterback.


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