“She Invested Everything”- Roger Federer Reflects on Mirka’s Sacrifices



Roger Federer on the court has been a champ and a professional. Winning 20 grand slams and over 100 titles. And like the saying ‘Every successful man has a woman behind him’ in Federer’s case as well the saying fits perfectly.

Roger’s wife Mirka Federer can be attributed to a lot of Federer’s success. Always in his team, she is ever-present in all the important tournaments cheering for her husband. She was a tennis player and had reached a career-high ranking of 76.

federa and wife

“Mirka has incredibly supported me” – Roger Federer

But recurring foot injury forced her towards retirement in 2002. By this time she was with Federer, and the Swiss Master in an interview with SportsPanorama spoke about her retirement and sacrifice.

Federer says that the injuries led to her retirement. Mirka couldn’t recover properly from her surgeries and her heels still give her problems today. And so she sacrificed her career for Federer.

“Mirka invested everything. She had bad surgeries and didn‘t return well from rehab. She always had problems with her heels and never truly recovered from it. Until today she feels little there. It was easy for her this way though to decide.” he said

He also talked about Mirka’s sacrifice for his career. And narrated the conversation between him and Mirka when she decided to retire.

“I said to her: Don‘t you maybe want to stop?. Then I won Wimbledon and when I look back, I once talked with her about it, it‘s incredible what you did and she said: No problem, She just put her career aside and said: This is more important for me. We can build something fantastic together.“ Federer said

mirka and husband

Federer says he would have stopped playing long before, but Mirka motivated him and so he is continuing. He also says that he will stop playing if she says so. Federer’s priorities can change.

“She has incredibly supported me and put me back and so I‘m looking forward to everything is over. I would have stopped long ago when she wouldn‘t have said: Come on, continue.“ Or when she would have said: Please stop, I don‘t want this any longer.“ I would have stopped then. We also have to find a balance with the 4 kids, it isn‘t the same anymore as 4, 8 or 10 years ago, that‘s for sure.” Federer said. Interesting insights are given by Federer. He has highlighted the impact and sacrifices Mirka has given for him and the family.


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