Stephen Curry wants the Golden State Warriors to be his ‘one and only home’

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Stephen Curry’s case with the Warriors can go on two different routes when it comes to his future with the franchise. The first one of the easiest and perhaps a no-brainer for the team’s leadership: he can do what Kobe Bryant did with the Lakers. Given that this team is the one that bet on him from the beginning, he can remain at this team until the day he retires and then continue linked to the organization for the rest of his life.

But there is also the Michael Jordan option, which is more chaotic and dramatic. MJ decided to leave the Chicago Bulls when the Jerry Krause decided Phil Jackson was no longer the ideal coach for the team. Should the Golden State Warriors decide to keep Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry will likely remain with the team for good.

Golden State is Stephen Curry’s home.

But even if the scenario was similar to what Michael Jordan wen’t through, Stephen Curry would still reconsider his position with the team if Steve Kerr was kicked out of the team. In a recent interview with CBS during his visit to the Olakland Athletics game vs the Houston Astros, he expressed his opinion on the matte.

Curry said this about staying with the Warriors: “I just finished my 13th year. To be able to say I’ve played for one team my entire career – I can also say how special this place is. Honestly, I don’t want to leave ever. I want this to be my one and only home. Even thinking about what happens when basketball is done, we’ll still have roots here, we’ll still have a presence here, and we’ll call this home.”

Be that as it may, the Golden State Warriors have no reason to mess with a relationship as perfect as the one Curry has with the team overall. He is their franchise player, most teams never get a chance to sign a generational tealent like him. Plus, none of us imagine Stephen Curry playing for a team that is not the Golden State Warriors, right?


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