Stephen Curry’s parents leave aside their differences to celebrate NBA Championship

curry parent

Amid all the controversy surrounding the spouse swap they are doing, Stephen Curry’s parents had to be there for their son’s special moment. They remain proud to have one of the best basketball players to ever live as their son and they forgot about their differences for a moment. When the final whistle was sounded, Steph immediately saw Dell Curry on the sidelines and fused in a giant hug with him.

With tears in his eyes, he knew that his dad has always been there to support all of his exploits. Sonya Curry was also beaming with pride and even throwing the number four all around in celebration. Her son won the fourth championship with the Golden State Warriors, a feat very few players in NBA history have achieved.

During the celebration, Stephen Curry even managed to convince them to pose for a family photo with his brother, his sister and both of them. They all seem hapy for what Steph achieved but soon, they will be back to that crude reality they are living. Both of them are going through a nasty divorce in which Dell Curry is refusing to pay Sonya any alimony due to these infidelity claims.

Things took a dark and surreal twist as they showed up for one of the NBA Finals games with their respective couples, who used to be married as well. As of now, Dell Curry maintains Sonya Curry was unfaithful multiple times and she claims Dell had been unfaithful for 33 years of marriage.

Stephen Curry is the only one who can bring them together.

Divorce is a practice that has been common for decades, it’s far healthier to call it quits instead of keeping appearances in front of the world. For Sonya Curry, staying with her former husband was no longer an option. However, both of them can be mature-enough to become Stephen Curry’s parents when they need to be.

Last Thursday’s championship proved the Curry family is just as nuanced as any other family in America. As far as Steph goes, all he wants is for his family to remain close when the moments call for union. What Sonya and Dell Curry do with their private life is none of his concern.


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