Tom Brady getting ready to come out of retirement to play for his childhood team?

Tom Brady

Rumors has it that he could continue playing.

It has been three weeks since Tom Brady announced his retirement, in theory definitive, and the rumors go on and on that he could return to play, even for next season.

These rumors have been sparked because Brady had already retired, a year ago, and 40 days later he announced that he had better keep playing. Considering that or what happened a few years ago with another legendary quarterback, Brett Favre, who came back from retirement a couple of times, it makes the NFL world hopeful to see TB12 back on the field.
Before he announced his retirement three weeks ago, strong rumors were circulating that he might end up playing for the team he cheered for since he was a kid: San Francisco 49ers.

Tom Brady

NFL Insider commented on that possibility
Now, with the high probability that Brock Purdy won’t be able to play until maybe October or November, and with Trey Lance’s poor development and injuries, plus the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo will be a free agent and will most likely end up on another team, the rumors have started to swirl again.

On Pro Football Talk, insider Mike Florio in a twitter post suggested that Brady’s boyhood team could “influence” him to come out of retirement once again for a 24th season.

“The 49ers ultimately could have a big influence on the final outcome. Trey Lance missed most of 2022 with a broken ankle. Brock Purdy’s elbow is apparently more damaged than previously thought, given that he still can’t have surgery due to lingering inflammation. There are real questions about the quarterback position on a team that is otherwise among the NFL elite”, he says.
“Now, with Jimmy Garoppolo finally moving and real questions about Lance and Purdy, why shouldn’t the 49ers make a move for Brady? Their championship window is still open, even if they haven’t been able to fly through it,” he commented.

Tom Brady

“Brady could be the missing piece to San Francisco’s first Super Bowl victory in 29 years. Or maybe he won’t retire for a second time. The point is, regardless of how he feels now, no one knows (including him) how he’ll feel later, especially if the 49ers persist in their efforts to bring Brady home,” he concluded.


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