Tom Brady is considering launching a new career in comedy after suspending FOX analyst contract as part of strategy to win back his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady

There may be an unexpected reason as to why Tom Brady has postponed his new role with FOX until 2024, as the former NFL star is reportedly keen on giving comedy a go.

Former NFL star Tom Brady has reportedly put his deal with FOX on hold to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

That’s according to Radar Online, who claim that Brady’s reasoning for delayed his start with FOX until the 2024 NFL season is to pursue career interests elsewhere. Brady has already agreed a 10-year $375million deal to work as an analyst for FOX, but he will sit out of proceedings next season.

He won’t start until 2024, giving him time to enjoy his retirement and spend some much needed time with his children. Seemingly comedy is also on his agenda, although the report has stated his ‘inner circle’ are trying to talk him out of it.

A source told the report: “Tom was a terrific quarterback, but he needs to toss this idea before it’s too late. As a comic — he’s strictly a water boy.”

The idea may have stemmed from the recent ’80 for Brady’ film, which saw four best friends travel to see the quarterback play live in the 2017 Super Bowl. Brady features in the film as himself, but following the success of the production, it may have left him thinking he could have a future in the industry.

The truth is, Brady has earned the right to do whatever he wants with his life. After blessing the NFL for 23 seasons, no one is going to complain too much if he tries something new.

Brady stated previously that his decision to put off working with FOX until the 2024 season was to get some practice in, as he wants to be at his best for the new role. “I think one thing about my career whether it was when I was drafted by the Patriots or signing agreements with the Bucs, I wanted to be fully committed,” Brady said.

“I never wanted to let people down. I want to be great at what I do, and that always takes some time and strategising and learning and growing and evolving. I have so many people to rely on that could support me in that growth too.”

Brady confirmed his retirement on February 1, exactly a year after initially calling time on his career before quickly reversing his decision. Brady has retired “for good this time” after his earlier backtrack, but certainly won’t be going away from our screens.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen


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