Tom Brady reveals the major secret behind his longevity and incredible success in the NFL: Who else will follow suit?

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is one of the NFL’s most unique athletes in the league’s history, mainly down to his incredible success, but also his longevity.

Having played at a high-standard until beyond his 45th birthday, many have wondered just what Brady’s secret is.

He branched out into his own branded nutrition, and he has now revealed one of his secret recipes for a protein-filled smoothie.

What ingredients are in the smoothie?
It’s widely accepted that the smoothie is a key part of the nutrition regime, but just what makes up the drink?

In a video uploaded to his Instagram page, Brady showed how he makes the smoothie in just two minutes.


Labelled as the ‘Almond Butter Cup Smoothie’, the recipe for the drink is as follows:

One banana
Almond Butter
Hemp seed
Some walnuts
Chia seeds
Flax seed
A little bit of ice
Almond milk
Two tablespoons of TB12 protein powder – chocolate flavored
The smoothie is considered to be extremely healthy, as Brady details in his video, with nutritional experts claiming that smoothies are a simple way of getting a wide range of minerals and vitamins into your body.


Brady’s ingredient list has a balance of fruit, fiber, protein and positive fans, and the fact it can be made in two minutes is an added bonus, especially for athletes looking for a quick nutritional snack.

The inclusion of the almond butter provides fiber and protein, which allows the user to feel full from the drink for a longer period.


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