Tyson Fury’s father “Lives Vicariously Through His Son Because His Career Sucked”


Jake Paul, after announcing that he will face Tommy Fury on August 6, has attacked John Fury and called him a “bum.”  Paul will face Tyson Fury’s half-brother in August at Madison Square Garden after a lengthy negotiation. This fight had already been cancelled in December last year, due to Tommy having to pull out due to a broken rib and a bacterial infection.

After his announcement he went on the attack, in a video in which he focused on Tommy’s father, with whom he has been exchanging attacks on a regular basis for the past year.  Paul held nothing back: “Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, lives vicariously through his son because his boxing career was shit. He never had anything, he was a bum. And now you have a family where there’s only one real superstar.”

“Tommy thinks he’s as good a fighter as Tyson and we’ll see about that on August 6, at Madison Square Garden, in the mecca of boxing, one of the most historic venues in the world,” Jake Paul said.

For a while, it looked like the fight would never happen with Paul repeatedly claiming that Tommy had “blown his chance,” but a recent interview with Jake’s trainer, Danny Smith, revealed that negotiations were “almost 90% closed.”


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