Verstappen visibly winds up over ‘internet haters’ and supports Schiff

Max Verstappen is also backing Sky Sports reporter Naomi Schiff. The 28-year-old former racing driver reported on the race in Baku last week. She was accused of not being fit for her work. Verstappen is standing by her, as is Lewis Hamilton.

Schiff could count on a lot of negative reactions on social media after her appearance on Sky Sports during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Fortunately, the former racing driver stood above the criticism and sent a tweet with yawning emojis. Mercedes driver Hamilton took up for the reporter with a message on Twitter. Verstappen did the same when asked and visibly wounded up when it came to critical sounds people type on the internet.

Verstappen visibly excited after question about ‘internet haters’

“Usually the people who hate on you are frustrated people in their own lives. They sit at home behind their keyboards. They can say anything they want and think it’s correct. Usually when you meet these people in real life, they don’t dare say these things at all,” Verstappen begins.

Verstappen then puts the reactions into perspective and tries to make it clear that as a public figure you shouldn’t care about that hate on the Internet: “We all receive hate. So do I, but do I care? No, because those people don’t even deserve the attention. If you ignore them, it’s more painful for them than if you give them attention.”


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