Video: Steph Curry Begins Offseason Training

Steph Curry alone


Fresh off his fourth championship and first Finals MVP award, Steph Curry is already back in the lab. Steph’s performance trainer Carl Bergstrom shared a video of the reigning Finals MVP on his Instagram page, showing Steph going through some strength and agility training. The caption indicated that the first week of Steph’s offseason program was in the books, meaning the superstar point guard has been back after it for a little while now:

Steph Curry’s strength and conditioning is what many point to when discussing his greatness, because while his unparalleled shooting is what gets the most attention, it’s his conditioning that allows him to continue thriving. This elite conditioning is also what allowed Steph to regain form so quickly after returning from injury at the beginning of the postseason, which is something that player development coach Brandon Payne actually predicted.

When asked about Steph’s ability to regain form following an extended absence, Payne said back in March that “The conditioning part, quite frankly, that’s the least of our concerns. That’s never really a problem. From a cardiovascular standpoint, the guy is a freak of nature. It’s crazy how quickly he gets re-conditioned.”

While fans get to witness Steph’s peak performance on display every night, few get an opportunity to see what goes into making that possible. This latest Instagram clip from Bergstrom provides not only some insight into what Steph is doing, but also how early into the offseason he is doing it.


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