Video: Stephen Curry’s daughter’s adorable reaction to wedding proposal during Warriors parade

curry daughter

It wasn’t just Stephen Curry who was the star of the show during the Golden State Warriors’ championship parade on Monday. His daughter, Riley Curry, has also amassed quite a fanbase through the years, and apparently, one of her supporters decided to profess his love for her during Monday’s festivities.

A random kid decided to ask Riley to marry her during the Warriors parade. He had a big enough sign for Riley to notice, and it was adorable (h/t House of Highlights on Instagram):

Riley appeared to ask her mom, Ayesha Curry, about the sign, and the Warriors star’s daughter was clearly smitten. She even waved back at the fan with a big smile on her face. For those wondering, Riley is just nine years old, so the proposal was clearly just an adorable joke.

We’re not sure if Ayesha saw the sign, but it seems like she was taking this all in stride. Steph was looking in the opposite direction, though, so the Warriors star probably had no clue about all this. As a dad, I’m not sure how he would have reacted to seeing a random marriage proposal for his nine-year-old daughter.


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