Video: When Star Skier Didn’t Want To End Handshake With Roger Federer



New Delhi: Mikaela Shiffrin is an icon in the world of skiing. As a two-time Olympic Gold medallist and World Cup alpine skier with multiple wins, the 27-year-old American athlete has a tremendous record behind her. But the various feathers on her cap did not prevent Mikaela Shiffrin from having an absolute fangirl moment when she interacted with tennis legend Roger Federer in an interview.

In the 2018 interview, Mikaela Shiffrin and Roger Federer are seen discussing their food preferences and tennis at the Laver Cup in Chicago. However, it is a 27-second clip from the conversation that has now gone viral on social media. The clip, shared on Twitter, features the sports stars towards the end of the discussion.

Winding up the interaction, the two shake hands and Mikaela Shiffrin says, “Congratulations. By the way, I have always wanted to say this to you. Congratulations on an incredible career – that’s not over yet; make sure to say that,” all while holding Roger Federer’s hand.

Letting go of his hand finally, Mikaela Shiffrin says, “And, I am not going to hold onto your hand anymore,” causing the Swiss tennis great to laugh out loud.   Roger Federer says, amid laughs, “All the best. This was a fun interview. I enjoyed it.”

Mikaela Shiffrin then exclaims, “Oh my god,” appearing to collapse after what must have been a nerve-wracking interaction with the legendary tennis star, giving rise to a round of laughter from people behind the camera and Roger Federer himself.  Roger Federer then says, “Oh, come on. That was great. You did so good.”

Sharing the video on Twitter, a user said, “This is so cute, she is all of us,” with a link to the 2018 interview.

And, people could not stop fangirling over Roger Federer.

“Just look at Roger. He just doesn’t stop….giggling in the whole video. I miss him,” a user said.

“All of us. Yesss. I will never let go of the handshake,” another user confessed.

A person said, “I would be screaming.”

“Don’t blame her at all. I’d be exactly the same,” read one of the replies

Speaking about her interaction with Roger Federer – who she refers to as her “idol” – the champion skier told CNN that the tennis icon was “better than I could have ever dreamed.”

Adding that he was easy to talk to, Mikaela Shiffrin said, “He was happy and smiley and easy to talk to. He put the effort in to make it easy. It was so cool for me to see that it’s possible to be an athlete of his calibre and to be more elegant and more generous and nicer than what you expect.”


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