WATCH: Warriors’ Stephen Curry shows off long-range skills at American Century Championship

Steph Curry golf

Everyone knows Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry can make shots from long range on the basketball court, but this week he showed that skill translates to the golf course as well. Curry is fresh off his fourth NBA title, but he is currently chasing another trophy at the American Century Championship, a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

On Thursday, the first day of the competition, Curry shared a clip to show off his long-range talent.

“Long Drive Contest Gotta love Tahoe!!” he tweeted.

His drive was strong, which was clear by the audience’s loud cheers and Curry’s confident rendition of the Vince Carter “it’s over” celebration.

On Friday, he continued to impress when he registered an eagle from 97 yards out on the 13th hole of Edgewood Tahoe.

It’s a good thing Curry is talented on the greens because the two-time NBA MVP likes to do his fair share of trash talking. Curry was asked about Charles Barkley’s chances of finishing in the top 70 during a press conference on Thursday, and he did not hold back. Barkley is an NBA legend, but it’s well known that his golf skills could use a little fine tuning. Curry’s reply was brutally honest.

“No, hell no,” Curry said. “Clip that, send it to him, let him play it on every tee box. There’s no way he’s doing it.”


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